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Voting Facts & Myths

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Our goal in politics is to effect progressive legislative changes on a state and federal level that enhances the lives and well-being of working men and women throughout Long Island. That is why we educate our members to make informed decisions and urge our members and their families to vote and vote often. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!
If you're not registered to vote, you are missing out on a great national privilege and a significant personal freedom.
Union members are among the most highly registered groups in the country. Over 75% of union members are registered voters.
Importance of voting:
Voting doesn't simply decide who gets into office, it tells them who they need to represent.
Elected officials will decide the price and quality of your family's healthcare, the state of our school systems, whether we have good paying jobs, how fairly distributed your taxes are, and the security of our nation.
If you don't vote, the officials won't make the decisions that are best for you; they'll be making them for the people who elected them...
Below are links to help you register to vote and to debunk myths about voting. It's up to all of us to protect the integrity of our country's democracy by protecting voting rights for all Americans.