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Newsday: LI Shouldn't Foot Bill for NY Grid Upgrades

Thursday, May 13, 2021
Below is a Newsday letter to the editor from IBEW 1049 Business Manger Patrick Guidice.

Long Islanders must not foot the bill for grid upgrades that all New Yorkers will benefit from ["LIPA: Share cost equally across state," News, May 3]. We've seen time and again the vulnerability of our transmission lines from big storms, and these experiences elevate the need to realize a clean energy economy with efficient, resilient and cost-effective infrastructure. But Long Islanders cannot be unduly on the hook. When the Shoreham nuclear plant closed in the '90s, Long Islanders were saddled with the bill and are still paying the price. But more recent examples of sharing energy costs are around the state, like nuclear generating plants. This state has the opportunity to flip the switch and share cost allocation for these bulk transmission and related significant distribution upgrades statewide.

As the Public Service Commission has recognized, it is appropriate to share the investment costs of Clean Energy Standard aspects across the state to meet climate goals. They have demonstrated this approach with three kinds of energy credits. Long Island is unique in its ability to host vast amounts of offshore wind generation that will lead to thousands of good union jobs, local manufacturing opportunities, and help launch a green economic recovery in years to come. All New Yorkers benefit from a cleaner and more sustainable infrastructure. Let's all pay our fair share.